Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to School! & Modular Design

I have been gone for a bit. Sorry about that. I had my little boy and he is a delight. For updates on my personal life...please feel free to check my family blog. DonTreader.blogspot.com
So Im back at school, with graphic design in full swing.
Im taking typography I (art 254) , 3D design (art 117) and Communication Design Studio (art 224).
So you will be seeing a lot of work from all of them. I like to try to document the process. 
So here Goes!
ART 117 Modular Design.
For this class...we needed to pick something that we can get in mass quantities. 
I chose the coffee bean.
I am hoping to make a coffee cup out of them.. and just see where it takes me.
Here is what I got done just in the 3 hour class I had today.

I started by glueing 2 beans together at a time. 

I used super gule gel...and had it all over me by the end of class.

After I got some grouping of two's I then did four's and used this bowl to get the shap I needed.

My first ring. Its a good start..now to fill in the center and start stacking them up.

Im starting to get a nice blow shape.
This is 3 rows up.

This is what I had after 3 hours..
Im not sure if I put more on my plate then I should.
This is 7 rows up.

This is going to take awhile...
and its due thursday.

Not to mention how fragile it is. 
How am I going to get it 
there on the bus?

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