Monday, December 8, 2008

Charity Water Project *Poster & Cards*

The other part of the project was to create awareness, and in order to do so, we as a class, decided to create posters and post cards.

I started with this drawing, but had not decided on what wording I wanted to use just yet. I like how its a gift, and water for some people is a gift and its something we take for granted.

Next I took my drawing and scanned it into photoshop and used it as a template to draw it in Illustrator. I also added text. I used this template to make a stencil for our postcards.

This is how my postcard turned out. I tried it with some different colors, but I liked the blue the best because of water.

I made a larger stencil for a hand made poster, but I printed off the font and just used the bow and bottled water to stencil.

And finally I used the file I created in illustrator for my digital file as well.

I liked my drawing the most because of the extra detail, but when you start thinking stencil that changes everything.

Instead of sending out a mass email, I created a group on facebook, and sent invitation out to all my friends. Check out my group. I used my digital poster too.

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