Tuesday, December 2, 2008

- Oscar Wilde - Final Thoughts

Below you will find the final ten pieces that I chose to go into our book. Overall, I like the ones I chose, but I also wish I had more time to think about this project and work through the thoughts I was having.

Again, I feel that the class focus on more beauty then corruption, which says something about either our class, or our society. If I could do this project again, and was in a place where I could handle the topic that I would choose, I think I would have focused more on corruption. I feel that because we showed our choices almost every week, the as a group we went with what the majority was doing rather than going with those ideas that we had.

Anyways, I would have done more of my compositions by hand, rather than photography, even though it is what I tend to go to. And I would focus on the war. From what I saw put up in class, my images were the only two that touched on the subject. So if I could create the images in my head, and have time to do so, I think that I would have chosen all of my composition to be about that.

So ideas I had were going to the VA hospital and talking with Vets, putting in images that I have when I think about the war and my fathers death. I have more information then I really need to know about how he died, and it could make for some interesting images.

Anyways, just some thoughts I have had after we finished this project.

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