Monday, December 8, 2008

Charity Water Project * Chandelier*

So we decided that we were going to make a Chandelier out of empty Bottled Water containers.... We broke up into groups and brain stormed different chandeliers, and ways that we could use the materials we had. Finally, we decided as a class we would break up into groups, and make 3 different chandeliers. Here is what we got done on the first work day.

We cut the bottles, and used the middle of them to create sphere around each light.

For our structure we used an old bike wheel frame, the I got from a friend of mine, and lisa spray panited it a nice silver color.

After our first work day, we were able to cover all the lights, and decided we would need another string of lights to make have more coverage. Here is what our work got us to on the first day.

Its a great start, and now we know what we will need for next class, More water bottles, lights, and another coat of paint.

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